THE WORLD IS YOUR OFFICE… Need Cloud Print to Replace Google Print?

Google has announced that Cloud Print, which lets you easily print things from the web using Google Chrome (even on printers that lack an internet connection), will print its final pages on December 31st, 2020. DO NOT PANIC! BARLOP has a variety of options to that replace google print and will increase your productivity wherever you are, plus has way more secure features that protect your data! We have solutions available on MONTHLY subscription base, yearly fees, and even some included in service programs! Our rep will see what your companies needs are and recommend the best value and solution for your company.

Here are a few examples on equivalents and replacements for google cloud print from our various brands.



– Introduces new global Managed Print Cloud Services offering

– Announces support for Universal Print, a Microsoft 365 cloud print solution

– Enhanced online portal allows remote workers to easily acquire printers and supplies

– Enables companies to accelerate transition to cloud

Deploy a secure, scalable, cloud print solution As a subscription-based service, HP Roam for Business is easy for IT to manage. Fleet-wide deployment tools help you get up and running quickly. Integration with Office 365 and HP ID helps you set up user accounts and can streamline authentication and back-end print tracking and reporting. HP Roam Bluetooth® beacon technology (BLE) is included in select HP printers and MFPs and can be enabled for existing devices via an optional accessory.

Deliver a single, universal print experience Managing printing for users on the go—while trying to maintain consistency and keep your environment secure—can be a real headache. HP Roam for Business replaces printer‑specific drivers, allowing users to print from any personal computer or mobile device. You enjoy the simplicity of a single, cloud-based print solution and better control over your print environment. And you can help save costs due to fewer wasted print jobs.

Submit print jobs while on the go from any device,
and release at any of your HP Roam-enabled office
printers, simply and securely. Universal business
printing experience that reshapes how innovative
organizations print. Simple and securely. Easily
enable secure mobile printing for every user.
Available for a low yearly fee. (can be included
in your lease or service plan)

RICOH Smart Integration Solutions

Get your files to the right place, in the right 
format, with the right file name A variety of
packaged are available. Available on a low monthly
(can be included in your lease or
service plan)
  • Essentials – scan to email and mobile printing

  • Connectors – adds basic scanning to cloud accounts

  • Workflows – adds advanced scanning to cloud accounts and/or local folders

  • Advanced Workflows – adds intelligent scan to SharePoint

  • Device Enhancement – provides device level authentication, device management features, authenticated pull print and utilization reporting

  • Legal simplifies document preparation for electronic filing to court systems and provides Bates Stamping

  • Healthcare – automates patient on boarding for customers using DrChrono EHR solution


· Sends documents to the right location, in the right format and with the right file name

· Automates repetitive manual document tasks to save you time

· Low monthly investment – no new hardware, servers, IT support or maintenance required

· Device Enhancement add-on helps protect document privacy, reduce waste and increase device up time

· Legal add-on improves law firm productivity with Court efiling and Bates Stamping

· Healthcare add-on simplifies patient onboarding while helping protect patient privacy


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