Content And Work Flow

A variety of cloud solutions to do more — faster — with your multifunction printer to capture, share, manage, and automate your business process and workflow

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Reduce manual data entry

Many businesses are enjoying the ease of outsourcing a wide variety of software capabilities that used to be done in-house — including company email, office productivity suites, accounting, HR applications and file storage. However, applications like these still need to be fed with data. This can cause an unwelcome productivity hit as people are required to step in and do things manually — like extracting useful data, entering content, assigning file tags or descriptions, even retyping information. These tasks can be avoided when files are made system-ready automatically.

Route information where it’s needed

Knowing what types of information go to which systems or processes is often left to people. The knowledge that a customer record is stored in two systems or that a delivery receipt needs to be additionally faxed or emailed may only be held by the people performing these processes. This can create layers and layers of related but disconnected steps. The solution is to connect these related steps and send information directly to its destination.

Improve speed and accuracy

In general, digital information moves quickly, but it can still be delayed by multiple touch points or left waiting in queues before it’s on to the next stage. Automation can make information available to those who need it by preparing it properly and getting it to its final destinations fast. Establishing consistency regarding how users can influence the data can also improve accuracy and reduce risk of errors like misfiling. Easy to start.

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Free up your staff

Even with modern office processes, inefficiency can creep in. One day, you realize you have too many touch points requiring manual input and not enough people that know the required steps or workarounds. You can achieve productivity by automating tedious steps and carrying them out behind the scenes — freeing up time for other important but under-served projects.

No complex IT

Our Cloud Workflow Solutions are secured and rigorously maintained for you, so there’s no capital expenditure or complex IT issues to work through. Choose from different subscription based services packages depending on your needs.

Assessment and Cost Reduction

Effective Solutions for cost control, recovery, assessment and tracking processes


Software works directly from the multifunction printer (MFP) or printer control panel, so you can track all activity for all users in only moments. Use the intuitive controls to run reports, assign print rules and add new users.

Why PaperCut MF?

Monitor Print Activity

Monitor all print activity from a single, convenient dashboard

Charge Back

Charge back print costs directly to users

Avoid Waste

Discourage waste with print rules


Protect confidential information with authenticated print release


Generate more than 50 insightful reports on print use by device and user

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Enable convenient mobile printing

Secure information and workflows with a zero-compromise SaaS solution. Get complete document management and workflow automation via a true multitenant SaaS application and launch into new levels of productivity. Minimise financial and technical hurdles with a secure, multitenant cloud environment. Rely on dependable solutions that protect your information, grow with the success of your business and that employees love.


Highest Security

Secure information and meet compliance mandates like HIPAA and GDPR
• High-security data centers in U.S. and EU
• Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
•HTTPS communication only
•Strict data separation

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No Manual Touch

Capture, centralize and process information without manual touch


Automate and accelerate business processes such as invoice processing, contract management or onboarding of new employees

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Access Anywhere

Support distributed and mobile teams with anywhere, anytime access


Move information between people and systems with tight integration to your ERP, CRM or other application

• Microsoft Azure platform
• Increase users and storage when you need
• Integration and data exchange with other cloud applications and on-premises systems


DocuWare Cloud is available with flexible licenses for different company sizes on a subscription basis. Every subscription covers the full range of services including Intelligent Indexing, Workflow Manager, form creation and integration tools. Just decide how many user licenses and storage capacity your organization needs

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Barlop can give your small business the competitive advantage of IT guidance and strategic planning that large corporations currently enjoy.

Get your files to the right place, in the right format, with the right file name with document management workflow software

Why Smart Integration?

Increase Productivity

Improve productivity by automating mundane manual tasks


It's affordable — no new hardware, software, servers, IT support or maintenance required

User Friendly

It's easy to get started — Smart Integration solutions and optional paid add-ons are easy to add to RICOH Intelligent MFPs and many other models

Kofax Equitrac® maximizes print cost savings, reduces network security risks and improves compliance so your organization is equipped to Work Like Tomorrow—today


Minimized security risk

Minimized security risk by enforcing user-centric print and capture policies with content-aware document workflows

Reduce Cost

Reduce hard print and labor costs, while increasing workforce productivity


Scale easily in any enviroment, from small business to large enterprises


Simplify and centrally manage mixed MFD fleets to ease the administrative burden