Long Term Storage Care of Office Equipment, Copiers, MFP

During these trying times please note if you will out of the office or not using all your office equipment please follow the recommend steps below to avoid damaged of equipment.

Before Leaving the Machine:  Turn OFF the main power and unplug the power cable.  Remove the paper from all paper trays, including the Bypass Tray, and store the paper in a seal-able bag. This is to prevent moisture in the paper from causing paper jams and deformation of the Paper Feed Roller.  Retract the Bypass Tray into the mainframe and cover the ADF with a cloth. This is to prevent damage caused by dust.  For models with a Fusing Pressure Lever or Envelope Lever, release the lever according to the instructions for paper jam removal or set lever to envelope position. This is to prevent deterioration of the Pressure Roller. (For almost all A4/LT models) After Returning to the Machine:  Wipe the device with a dry cloth to prevent damage caused by dust.  If there is paper in the paper tray, replace it with brand new paper if possible.  Perform a test print of about 10 sheets to check the operation and print quality. If a peripheral is installed, also test other functions, such as stapling, punching, etc.



Image Quality

  • Begin running prints with higher than normal coverage (this will draw more toner and accelerate the developer / toner tribo-charging)
  • Check for clumping in developer and toner



  • Remove old paper an replace with new ream of paper
  • Inspect all paper path components for wear and clean surfaces of paper lint

Thumping Noise

  • Check fusing unit for flat spot
  • Run 50 – 100 sheets through the machine to even out fusing unit
  • If noise returns replace rollers/fusing unit

Clicking/Grinding noise

  • Stop machine
  • Check development unit for clumping
  • Replace developer if clumping
  • Check toner bottle for clumping
  • Replace if clumping
  • if you should need additional assistance or service please contact our service department via email, website or phone.



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