From shifting demographics to emerging technologies, businesses must quickly adapt to key trends driving the evolution of work if they are to avoid falling behind. The workspace is in a continual state of Change. Whether changes come in the form of advanced technology or the growing consumer class, global trends are set to shape and influence the future of work.

These changes create both challenges and opportunities for companies in South Florida.

Question to ask yourself about your business…Does your current business models hold the necessary agility to move smoothly into the next wave of innovation?

Business Owners and IT Personnel are left with two options: seize the opportunity to keep pace today, or risk falling behind in the future.

Trends & Factors to consider when looking at your business model:

1. Younger, tech driven Workforce:

These next-generation employees expect always-on connectivity from anywhere and at any time, creating pressure for advanced technologies and business structures to accommodate their needs — ultimately reinventing the digital landscape. This transformation in the status quo is influencing the way companies perform business on a global scale and even impacts the way physical workspace are designed for functionality. It’s no surprise that in order to embrace these evolution, businesses must become future-minded.
Relies on technology as a way to better his/her work to reach the next level of creativity, innovation and productivity
Expects flexibility and non-traditional workspace and hours
Uses technology and mobility to foster greater collaboration with team members across various projects around the world

2. Company Must Be Ready must have either IT infrastructure and organizational practices in place to initiate change and adapt to disruption or the company extends the abilities of its IT infrastructure and applications while pursuing organizational best practices that enable the organization to identify and address evolving business and technology needs

Based on IDC’s definition of future readiness in their study, 82% of organizations fall short — with only 18% of organizations worldwide considered “Future Creators,”1 the most future-ready.

As the workforce grows and global reach climbs, technology takes center stage.

IDC FORECASTS FOR 2022 Worldwide revenues for Big Data Analytics (BDA)
• Worldwide IoT spending will surpass the $1 trillion mark
• Spending on security-related hardware, software and services will total $133.8 billion

Tactics include implementing:


1. Internet of Things (IoT) into workflow processes

IoT Managed Services will help businesses “manage, monitor, and operate the fragmented array of IoT devices, networks, and assets”.

2. Smart End-user machines

Ricoh and HP have the industry’s Smartest & most Secure end user devices including Printers, Multi-function devices, Computers and more to help your organization work Smart not Hard.Future technology will bring even greater innovations to the digital landscape in regard to data and analytics, and the devices that generate this data are expected to accrue more data than ever before.

3. Mobility & Cloud based Solutions


Increased cloud computing will bring significant opportunities for businesses to improve efficiencies and enable considerable mobility in their workforce without compromising safety or costs. Revolutionizing your workflow with big data and cloud computing with our cutting edge Multifunction printers. Greater Efficiency, rethinking the way you work, our intelligent devices can we updated in real time. Learn more on our cloud -based solutions and how we can help you work SMARTER not harder.

4. Security

Security will continue to be a top priority for businesses as digital vulnerability increases. Devices and services, whether in the cloud or in-house, must be optimized to be more agile and able to keep up with evolving business and end- user needs, while also being secure enough to protect against foreign and familiar threats.

Overall, trends in technology and evolving demographics are making an immediate impact on businesses as they move into the future. Organization leaders carry a considerable burden in accommodating this change and balancing the trifecta of IT, end-user and overarching business needs. Leaders, including IT decision-makers (ITDMs), will have to be prepared to answer these questions:

How is the landscape transforming, and what are the global trends causing this change?

What are the needs of end users, especially next-generation employees?

How can technology solutions and IT infrastructures enable a stronger, more mobile and more secure workforce of the future?

Global trends require office strategies and technologies that work harder for employees and provide more flexibility than ever before. Companies can presume the “Office of the Future” will have more productive employees, more agile work spaces and solutions, smarter offices and seamless connectivity. In order to achieve these goals, organization leaders must follow these steps:

Develop a roadmap for success: Know what’s coming from a global perspective and how this will affect your business, including how your own users are changing, so you can adjust and accommodate their needs well into the future. Stay up to date with the latest in business technology with Barlop’s Emails, Social media and Blogs.

Engage the right leaders: Tap into the power of IT to create a secure, efficient action plan to future-proof your business, whether for devices or business growth and initiatives. Barlop Offers various plans for managed It services and can help your business get prepared and stay secure. Get your FREE NETWORK ASSESSMENT today.

Plan for new technologies: Define a strategy for adopting tools and office equipment that attract and elevate the future workforce while leading to decreased costs and increased efficiencies. Barlop’s full line of office equipment from the industry’s top manufacturer’s ensure always secure, affordable, and quick installation, service and solutions. Barlop is an authorized Ricoh Lanier, HP and Brother Dealer. Get Quote on new, used or short term rentals now, ad upgrade your office equipment Fleet!

Prepare for growth: Create spaces and offer solutions that help employees be more productive, mobile and secure. Now is the time for businesses to shift into another gear for workspace transformation. By catering efforts toward end users and empowering the right leaders, future workspaces will be able to keep pace with evolving trends in demographics and technologies, as well as establish business models for long-term success in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Barlop can set up your workforce in the office, at home or via their mobile device, and set up can be done remotely or at location.