3 Ways Cloud Communications
Benefit Your Business

Don’t let your legacy phones put your business on hold. What’s the common Thread that affects both customer satisfaction and employee productivity? Your business communications systems. The Phone is the front door for customers to your business and the primary tool for your employees to collaborate and get work done.

Many people still rely on old on-premises phone technology that was installed before the smartphone was invented. These legacy phone systems usually require a hard-wired phone switching system. With the coming of smart phones, tablets, and other mobile and connected devices, as well as the trend of moving business functions to the cloud, has changed the behaviors of customer and employees. 

Competitive companies in all industries are switching to les costly and more flexible cloud-based business communications to keep current with client needs.

Advantages to cloud-based communications systems over hard-wired, on premises legacy phone systems

Many businesses have invested large sums of money installing an on-premises business phone system. But an aging on-premises phone system can be hard to scale and complicated to manage during periods of business growth or consolidation. Further, on-premises phone systems require regular maintenance for everything from hardware updates, to surges  in call volumes, business expansion, new offices, or service resolution. Over time, these support costs—often unexpected—can become very expensive.

Where Your Legacy On-Premises Phone System Fails Your Business

Mobile productivity: Traditional phone systems are not built to seamlessly support mobile capabilities, which severely inhibits collaboration between distributed employees and their ability to address urgent customer issues while on the go.


Cost: Even if you’ve paid off your traditional on-premises business phone system, you face continued costs for managing the system and adding new phone lines. 


Complexity: If you want to easily integrate modern business productivity and collaboration features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, team chat, and file storage and backup to your traditional on-premises phone system, well, you really can’t. Plus, adding new phone lines as you bring on new employees takes too much time and costs too much with a traditional phone system.


Downtime: Every minute your on-premises phone system is down due to a power outage or some other system failure that is out of your control is a minute that a customer cannot reach you. This lack of redundancy can be costly, adversely affect your reputation, and diminish your credibility.


Cloud Phone Business Advantages: 

  • Easy to set up and use: Cloud-based phone systems can be activated in minutes.
  • Less expensive: Costs shift from capital expenditures to operating expenditures through a flat, per-user rate that scales with your business—you buy only what you need.
  • No surprise expenses: All infrastructure, support, and management/admin costs are usually included in one predictable subscription fee.
  • Additional collaboration tools: Discover useful new features as they are often included as part of the package for no additional charge.
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