What is a Cyber Crime and How Can Barlop Protect your Business?

There are currently an estimated 4.8 billion internet users equivalent to 62% of the world’s population. Cybersecurity starts with YOU and it’s everyone’s responsibility. Through the month of October, Barlop Business Systems has partnered with the The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) and National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) to promote the awareness of cyber security and to emphasize the importance of keeping your staff and clients educated about cyber crimes. Below is a quick explanation of cyber security, cybercrimes, and ways to be aware of how to protect your information and data.


What is Cyber Security ?


People, processes, and technology that work together to protect organizations and individuals from digital attacks. Cybercrime is any crime which is committed electronically. Cyber self-defense basics can go a long way to keeping you and your data out of the hands of hackers, bad actors, Cyber Attacks.

What is the Deep Web?

The Deep Web is anything that that a search engine can’t find. It’s part of the world wide web that requires special software to access. Once inside, web sites and other services, can be accessed through a browser just like your typical web experience. It’s basically a hidden universe contained within the “Deep Web”.

What is the Dark Web?


The Dark Web is part of the internet that you cannot Google. You need a special browser to access it.


TOR (The Onion Router) is free software that enables anonymous communication on the internet. It disguises your identity by moving your traffic across different Tor servers and encrypting that traffic so it does not come back to you. This anonymity provides a platform for illegal activity.


Controlled Substances


Guns and other weapons


Child pornography


Money laundering


Unauthorized leaks of sensitive information


Credit card fraud and identity theft


Cyberattacks are the fastest growing crime in the U.S., and they are increasing in size, sophistication and cost.


Cyber Crime is now larger than all other forms of organized crime combined.


Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world, and one of the biggest problems with mankind.

The Impact on Society is Reflected in the Numbers.
2018 - $1.5 Trillion Dollars
2019- $3 Trillion Dollars
2021- Predicted to be at $6 Trillion Dollars 

Cybercrime costs include damage and destruction of data, stolen money, lost productivity, theft of intellectual property, theft of personal and financial data, embezzlement, fraud, post-attack disruption to the normal course of business, forensic investigation, restoration and deletion of hacked data and systems, and reputational harm.


14% of small businesses rate their ability to mitigate cyber risks and attacks as highly effective.


47% of small businesses they have no understanding of how to protect themselves against cyber attacks.


66% of small businesses are most concerned about compromising customer data.


3 out of 4 small businesses say they don’t have the personnel to address IT security.


Human error and system failure account for 52% of data security breaches


How to Protect yourself and your business from Cyber Crimes.