Reduce Color Printing Costs With HP ColorSave

Were you ever printing a document in color but stopped yourself because printing in color costs more? Many documents are better off printed in color for various reasons however color printing costs twice to 3 times as much as the cost of black and white. Companies try to cut printing costs by limiting their employees from printing in color, however that’s not a solution, Barlop gives you a better solution that cuts color print costs by as much as 90%. Let us introduce ColorSave. ColorSave is a technology provided by our partners Hp. The technology uses less saturated color and hence saves on color and on cost. The office equipment gives you 3 ways to print in color and save.



There are many reasons why printing in color should be more encouraged in the business world. Xerox conducted a survey in April 2011 that showed how much the benefits of color printing have been undersold.


Printing in color reinforces professional appearance
56 percent of people surveyed believe that printing in color makes you look more professional. The reason behind it is simple. People are used to seeing black and white printouts and flyers from small businesses everywhere mainly because the budget of a small business cannot afford color printing costs. Therefore, when you see flyers and printouts in color you think bigger of the belonging business and think of it as more established.

Color Printing Promotes Greater Retention and Recall
We tend to remember more what we see in color vs monochrome. 25% print in color to improve retention. Most people rely on picture memory to remember information. The bases of a photographic memory is color. Therefore, most marketers tend to print their call to action in color, it is more effective.

Color print is easier to segment
76 percent think they can find information faster if presented in color. 21% print in color to reduce search time. How the brain organizes information is highly impacted by the color the information it is interpreted. With most people it happens unconsciously, others are sometimes aware of it. A lot of information is received in black and white so the brain will just add that new information to the black and white pile. However, when it is received in color it is easier to segment into different piles based on the color it is in.

With ColorSave you can get the benefits of printing in color but not the high costs. Here are areas you can use ColorSave for in your business:

Internal Documents
You can use it for all internal documents. By internal documents we mean the documents that are exchanged within the organization. 69 percent of the people surveyed believed that color prints make new concepts and ideas easier to understand. Employees will find it easier to recall, retrieve, and comprehend the information shared. However, you won’t be altering the company’s appearance because the less saturated documents will stay within the organization.

Proofing Documents
Use it for proofing documents. You will sometimes need to print document in color rather than monochrome because seeing them in color makes it easier to detect errors. Do not waste ink on documents that are most likely to be thrown away the same day just for proofing them.

Monochrome Is Not Effective
Lastly, use it for when black and white does not make sense. For example, when charts, graphs, diagrams, or pictures are included in the document. You just need a little bit of color to make justice to the paper.


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