Barlop Business Systems landed on South Florida Business Journal for the 5th time this year.

Leading Managed Technology Services Provider Evolves Offerings to Enhance Client Productivity & Efficiency and Lands on Top 15 Fastest-Growing Companies List

South Florida’s Fastest-Growing Technology Companies by Percent – South Florida Business Journal (

South Florida- June 2023 – Barlop Business Systems, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), was recently recognized as one of South Florida’s Top 15 Fastest-Growing Technology Companies (by Revenue % Growth) in 2022. The company was recently featured in the South Florida Business Journal and is being celebrated for its work assisting business owners to leverage the latest technology to facilitate growth, cost savings and productivity across an array of industries.

Originally focused on office equipment, Barlop has achieved such impressive growth by constantly evolving its offerings to keep pace with the ever-expanding needs of today’s small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). While most business owners understand that technology has huge potential to improve their businesses, many lack an in-house CTO who can strategically advise them on how to leverage today’s technology for their unique situations. This is where Barlop has stepped in as a consultative advisor and has been demystifying the complex world of technology for almost 40 years. In fact, the organization continues to win awards year after year, because they have become very efficient at understanding client businesses, clarifying which technology solutions are beneficial and which are superfluous, and seamlessly implementing the appropriate solutions. In recent years, Barlop has expanded its services portfolio and now offers a comprehensive suite of managed IT services, business phone systems, and document workflow solutions. This has enabled the company to equip South Florida businesses with the complete technology lineup needed to streamline operations, automate workflows, and scale more profitably than they ever have before.




We’re honored to be recognized for our efforts in helping businesses succeed through technology adoption,” said Michele Lopez, Owner, at Barlop. “We’re very thankful for our amazing team of experts and we feel privileged to serve so many fantastic organizations. By expanding our breadth of solutions over the years to encompass the full technology spectrum, we’re empowering companies to enhance their productivity, reduce costs, and drive growth.”

Barlop Business Systems’ award-winning approach includes conducting thorough assessments to understand each business’s unique needs and workflows. The Barlop team then engineers customized technology solutions to automate manual tasks, optimize efficiency, and provide performance visibility.

Ongoing managed IT services ensure technology continuously meets the client’s changing goals over time. With solutions expertly tailored to their objectives, Barlop enables businesses to focus resources on core priorities rather than technology management.

“At Barlop Business Systems, we view ourselves as an extension of our clients’ teams,” said Lopez. “Our passion is leveraging innovation to help South Florida businesses succeed now and in the future.”


Barlop Business Systems is a family owned and operated business technology company that has been serving the South Florida community for 40 years. Its high-quality business products provide solutions for all phases of the document life cycle and measurably decrease printing and document management costs up to 40%. The company’s reliable and consistent services maximize clients’ workflow efficiency and performance. The company’s local presence enables it to be faster, simpler and easier to do business with.

Barlop Business Systems will prove that its “clients are its best assets” every time a prospective client is in the market to lease or purchase equipment, or requires service, parts or supplies. Contact the company at (305) 594-0470 or visit