Are you letting legacy processes and manual workloads hold you back?

Barlop in partnership with the best in the industry, help businesses gain a competitive edge with process automation. We find solutions to best fit your needs and drive business growth. By leveraging Today’s technology you can automate your essential business processes. Implementing a variety of applications, and using cloud solutions.

See below for some solutions we offer.

Process Automated Solutions- Reduce time and paperwork with forms Management. You can’t escape legal forms and documents but you can make them work for you with process automation, getting more vale from forms by digitizing, integrating, and automating their workflows, storage and retrieval process.


Integrated Automation- Integrated clod workflow solutions remove third-party applications, workflow disconnects, and manual task like data entry. Workflow solutions connect your systems, capture data and streamline processes.

Content Management- Manage, store, and access documents from wherever, while keeping your data safe from cyber crime. Storing documents digitally increases access and improves how your team work, collabrate, and succeed. This removes takes associated with manual processes and helps your team reach new levels of productivity.

Solutions for a host of business needs.
Process automation can improve efficiencies and reduce costs, but we know we can face other businesses challanges, and Barlop always has you covered.

Collaboration & Sharing

Unified Communications

Cost Reduction

Customer Experience

Document Management

Infrastructure Reduction

Mobility Support

Resource Conservation

Security & Compliance

Workforce Productivity