New versus Used/Refurbished Copiers, Printers & MultiFunction Office Equipment

When in the market for office equipment it is important to know the difference between the three types of office equipment vendors will offer you. This difference makes an impact on price and service. It is essential to look at the pros and the cons and most important to choose the RIGHT office equipment for your working environment.

Barlop Business Systems offers New Top of the line equipment (copiers, printers, multi-function equipment as well Used and Refurbished multi-function equipment that was originally a new equipment that Barlop purchased from the manufacturer and was serviced by our trained technician until the lease or rental came to an end.

New- meaning out of the manufacturer box, 0-100 copies, latest technology, most up to date features, higher quality prints/copies, and most have all features in one equipment (copy, print, scan, fax). The service on New equipment is less than used because it requires less maintenance and the parts and supplies are more accessible to purchase.

Refurbished– Refurbished equipment is used equipment, with new parts and maintenance performed. All parts are replaced and machine is made up to date so it is up and running. These type of equipment are usually straight out purchased or rented.

Used– Equipment comes straight from previous user and no maintenance as be done. Quality of prints/copies maybe not be the best, and no warranty will be given. Even though the outright cost of used equipment is less than new, the service contracts and maintenance on used equipment is higher because it needs more maintenance and repairs would need to be done.

Despite the investment on either type New or Refurbished, The Return on Investment for Multi-function Equipment is undeniable and WILL save you money. Let us help you find the one right for you.

Barlop Solutions Specialist can consult your company on which equipment is best for you and your budget. Click here for one our Trained Specialist to contact your directly or call 305.594.0470 for your Free Consultation.