Is Sustainability and New Technology Important in your Business?

IT Services, Sustainability, and New Technology | Barlop | Miami
IT Services, Sustainability, and New Technology | Barlop | Miami
Some companies are all about going Green and some are skeptical. While you can argue that some businesses use “going green” as a marketing ploy, it is a proven fact that sustainability offers true value by culturally impacting communities and reducing cost to local businesses. Small businesses account for half of private-sector employment in the USA. With modern business solutions, companies can reduce paper waste, save electricity, time and money while increasing customer experience even employee satisfaction. Using technology in a Digital world allows small business to use it to their advantage. Technology will improve workflow and support working remotely. Digitizing enhances sustainable practices by using technology driven solutions that supports sustainability, regardless of your stand on climate change. Using technology supports business goals such as increasing profits, employee satisfaction, environmental consciousness, customer satisfaction to be more sustainable in the 21st Century. Replacing old technology with newer digital solutions with a plethora of benefits, increasing productivity, efficiency and reduce cost, are all aspects of your business objective and goals. A few reasons you should investigate into replacing your old office technology is:
  1. Automating your processes and workflow:
    1. Capture.
    2. Manage.
    3. Share to increase productivity.
    4. Increased Security and Compliance
  2. Lower cost on newer more cost effective:
    1. Printers, Copiers.
    2. Communication devices (VoIP).
    3. Networked and Managed Services.
  3. The future of Work:
    1. On the Go Mobile Solutions,
    2. Mobile print
    3. Remote office.
  4. Reduce budget allocations and time with one integrated Solution:
    1. A secure system to file share
    2. To collaborate,
    3. Networked to stay connected.
If your business is ready to learn more about upgrading your office technology to be more sustainable, productive, and efficient, Barlop can help! Click here to have one of our knowledgeable Team Members contact you today!