America’s Recycle Day 2019

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Every year on America Recycles day, people from around the USA gather to raise awareness about the importance of recycling. As part of Barlop’s ongoing efforts to promote environmental sustainability and in support of the national initiative of Keep America Beautiful, we encourage our employees and clients to participate in this nationally recognized day by recycling and purchasing environmentally friendly products.

When you partner with Barlop, you’re making an environmentally sound choice thanks to our deep and enduring commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of our devices and workflow. Our Ricoh, HP, and Brother devices offer low energy consumption without sacrificing business productivity. Our products reduce power consumption, operating costs and carbon footprint when the device is not active – while a quick recovery time makes sure there is no impact on your productivity.

Let Barlop help with your recycling initiative by upgrading your older technology with newer eco friendly products and saving your empty toner cartridges to minimize our impact on the earth’s resources and reducing carbon footprint.

If you would like for us to send you a prepaid box for your used toners, or have us pick up at your location please send your info (Name of company, address, email, & contact person) to