4 Reason to Budget for a New Copy Machine in 2019

For a lot of businesses, printers and copiers are essential, which makes replacing or upgrading your print devices necessary from time to time. If it’s been a while since your print environment has had an upgrade, your current devices could be costing your business much more than the price of a new printer. So, take a look at the following reasons to help you determine if 2018 is your year for new copy machines.

1. Update your OLD copier with the latest technology to get the best results for your office.

Old, outdated printers can quickly drive up print costs. They typically require more maintenance and energy. Newer printers and copiers are more efficient in terms of energy use. Also, when print devices are around seven or eight years old, their manufacturers typically stop making replacement parts. This can make fixing an older printer an expensive pain. Lastly, Security, Today’s printers and multi-function devices have the same vulnerabilities as other endpoints on the network.They contain potentially sensitive information and data, making them prime targets for a security breach.​That’s why it’s critical to consider how your printing technology addresses security to reduce risk and protect your devices, documents, data, and business.

2. Avoid having higher COST-PER-PAGE

As print technology evolves, they become more efficient in their use of toner. Toner is a big expense, so the ability to use less toner when you print can significantly lower your cost-per-page.

3. Go with multi-functional devices

What functions do your office copy machines have? Multi-function printers allow users to print, scan, fax and copy. Additionally, scanning documents straight to email or straight to a folder in the cloud can be done with newer print technologies. The capabilities and ease of use of today’s print technology can eliminate a lot of extra steps.

4. Prevent frustration in the copying, printing, scanning and faxing process

When printing is an essential part of your job and the printers don’t work properly, employee productivity can take a hit. In order to promote job satisfaction, it’s important to outfit your employees with the tools and resources to complete their work. A poorly functioning print environment can cause employee frustration and negatively affect your bottom line.

NEW COPY MACHINES AND ROI (Return on Investment)

A new office copy machine can do more for your business while lowering your overall expenses. When it comes to print devices, they do have a life-cycle. If you’re wondering if your print devices are past their usable life, request a print technology assessment or an appointment with a copier and printer specialist. Odds are that the budget for a new office printer is being used up by the inefficiencies in your current print environment.

For more information on how to upgrade your Managed Print Services, Document Management, and Managed IT Service’s needs, contact our staff and we will get you all set up to make the most out of your 2018.

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